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Exact Solar Sponsors the Washington Crossing Reenactment Members’ Tent

Exact Solar at the Washington Crossing Reenactment

A beautiful and very cold Christmas Day on the banks of the Delaware, thousands gathered to watch the Washington Crossing Reenactment. With ice and a strong current, the Durham boats remained unoccupied and on the shore. Enthusiasm ran high for the event with spirited music, the colorful period dress, and the history – we would not have become a country without the victory against the Hessians in Trenton. Defeat after defeat, low on supplies, and enlistments about to run out, this was both a bold and desperate plan.

Durham boats, and other types, were gathered by the troops, for the purpose of ferrying soldiers, horses, cannons and the dwindling supplies to the Jersey shore. Then the long march to Trenton after being up all night.

Photo by Washington Crossing Historic Park

Washington was constantly writing the Continental Congress for supplies and provisions without any relief. The Hessians had food, supplies and clothing that our troops were desperate to have. Our troops were entering into a battle not knowing if their weapons would fire. After the fierce fighting, and not losing a single one of our soldiers, the long march back to the boats, and another crossing – Washington wanted the Delaware between our troops and the British.

Exact Solar was the proud sponsor of the Members’ Tent for the Friends of Washington Crossing Park (PA), and the reenactors.

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