Why Solar Power?



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Many Solar Solutions

Solar Electricity for Homes

Solar PV systems work to reduce or eliminate a home’s electricity costs by generating enough solar power throughout a full year.

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Solar Electricity Plus Battery Storage

By adding battery storage to a solar PV system, the owner expands the ability to use the power outside of "peak sun" times.

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Commercial Solar Electricity

Solar PV systems work to reduce or eliminate electricity costs for business and non-profit organizations and institutions like schools.

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Solar Water Heating Solar Pool Heating

Solar water heating and pool heating systems usually offset the majority of heating needs, often paying for themselves in 2 years.

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Happy Customers

Two Years Later and All is Good

Mark C.
Douglassville, PA

Excellent company to deal with. Accessible by phone or email with no snags. I had a situation where my incoming voltage from the power company dropped and caused one of my inverters to shut down (as they are designed to do). Mark came out immediately, diagnosed the problem and notified the power company that they had a problem.

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An Overall A+

Solar Homeowner
Main Line Philadelphia

He also ensured that the latest model of Solar Edge inverter was installed which is more efficient and smaller than the old models. Overall, I am extremely pleased with Exact Solar. They are professional, courteous and trustworthy. I wish them continued success in the future.

Would you hire them again? Yes!

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Sharing Solar Experience

Solar Buying Guide

Investigating and making your solar energy system purchase should never be intimidating

10 QUESTIONS for Any Solar Power Installer
Buying Guidance

Learn more about evaluating solar installers. Click ABOVE to download our 10 QUESTIONS for Any Solar Panel installer guidance document.

YOUR SOLAR QUOTE the Right Ingredients & Data
Buying Guidance

Learn more about what makes a solid solar energy system proposal. Click ABOVE to download our guidance document, YOUR SOLAR QUOTE: The Right Ingredients & Data.

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Solar Orphan Service™

Are you a Solar Orphan? Being left behind or abandoned can be frustrating. If your solar company went out of business, we have a service program that may be able to help.

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