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Ground Mounted Solar Energy Systems

Is Ground Mounting the Right Fit for You?

Installing a solar energy system on your rooftop is the most cost effective and efficient way to go solar and to become energy independent. In most cases, rooftop systems require the least hardware outside of the solar panels including racking, electrical cabling, and other components. However, ground mounting a system can be a better option in certain cases. Here are some common examples:

1. Available roof space for solar energy.

If your roof is physically unsuitable or its size limits the solar power capacity you can reach, ground mounting is a fine option.


2. Existing roof slope is not suitable for solar energy.

If your building orientation or roof slope will not give you good enough solar energy production, ground mounting often gives more choices to maximize output.


3. Shading of your home is not suitable for solar energy.

When open land adjacent to your building experiences the least shading from trees or other obstacles, mounting a system on the ground may deliver the best return on your investment.

Benefits when Ground Mounting Solar Energy Systems

We recommend ground mounting your solar system when one or more of the above conditions apply. In moving to a more open space, we find more design freedom because we are free from some of the constraints and limitations of your roof. We can better optimize solar energy output and lifelong system efficiency. The solar energy system can be sized and oriented most effectively. The Exact Solar approach to ground mounted solar energy system design focuses on certain benefits:


We design your system where the solar panels are best oriented towards the sun and set the optimum panel tilt for the best year round energy output.


We will consider the opportunity to increase the number of solar panels that are typically limited by available space in rooftop solar energy designs.


Once we have the added flexibility from a ground mounted design, we are able to balance the above benefits to find the sweet spots and best options to give you the most dependable performance for your dollar.

Ground Mounted Solar Alternatives

Even more exciting is that with the added flexibility we can offer you new and more efficient technology like single-axis tracking. A single-axis tracking system slowly pivots the solar panel arrays on one axis to follow the sun in the sky each day. Depending on location and conditions, we can design a system that provides up to 25% more output from the same solar panel array. Or, we can simply reduce the number of panels to deliver the same power as a static, but larger, ground mount or rooftop mounted solar energy system would deliver.


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Ground-mounted Solar System Installed by Exact Solar