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Solar Orphan Service™

Exact Solar’s Solar Orphan Service™ (S.O.S.)

For most people solar energy technology is complex. High tech product developments along with shifting policies create ups and downs for every solar installer. At Exact Solar, we built our business to withstand this inevitable “solar coaster”. To us, it is important that we are able to serve our customers for a long time.


Unfortunately, in our 13 years we have seen other companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey fail. This usually leaves customers stranded and without the promise of lifetime support.


We genuinely believe in the value and future of solar energy. That is why we offer help to stranded or dissatisfied customers. No one should regret their significant decision to save money while helping the environment, especially when inspections or repairs are easily completed. So we provide all solar households our Solar Orphan Service™ — or SOS!

How Exact Solar Supports You

You could say we can pick up exactly where your past installer left off. Thanks to our experience we know a lot about the evolution of solar technology. So we can step right in to provide what is needed to maintain performance. When quality components are installed using best practices, you should expect top performance for years. But how will you know? Many homeowners are not comfortable trying to figure it out. If repairs are needed, most jobs should be left to experts.


Our S.O.S. gives you professional support, including information and reporting as required. Most often existing solar system owners ask two questions of us:

Is my solar energy system working right?

A frequent first request we get is to confirm that a homeowner’s solar system is working by design. Unexpected variations in your electric bills could be a sign that something has changed in your production.


Step One: Inspection

A preliminary inspection of your system is the best way to find any physical damage, diagnose any faults or error messages where they may exist, and measure key performance values. We can estimate what your production should be, even accounting for age and wear and tear. Inspections may include the entire solar energy system, from the solar panel, to the inverter, and up to and including connections to your home’s main power panel.


Step Two: Report

Whatever we find during your system inspection, we’ll convey to you. Any faults or issues we find will be explained in easy to understand terms. Hardware failures may be described using pictures from our inspection. It is our common practice to also share with you workmanship issues that our experience informs us may cause you problems down the road. For some older systems, we may also include upgrade suggestions where we think they are both economical and worthwhile. Only those upgrades that can pay for themselves from improved performance are usually included.


Step Three: Repair as Needed

Repairs will follow an explicit agreement based on our report. We always want to leave you as satisfied as any of our existing customers. We do our best to make sure there are no surprise added fixes once our work starts.

I think my system is fine. But can you help my roofer?

Yes. We can help you.

When it is necessary to repair your home’s roof, your roofing contractor may need access that is blocked by installed solar panels. To help, you should contact professionals who are expert at solar energy system wiring and familiar with handling solar equipment. This avoids adding to the costs and headache of a roof repair due to improper removal and replacement.

We follow three basic steps to ensure your system is working as good as or better than before you roof work.

Remove — Everything that could be unintentionally damaged by contractors is moved from harms way. Before we begin, we always thoroughly inspect for any service issues and provide you with details of our findings, including pictures. While rare, we may recommend some repairs or upgrades during the replacement.
Store  — All items are securely stored. We prefer to keep everything at your home.


Replace — Replacing your system after roof repair is just as critical as it was for the original installation. We use all of the same procedures, including high integrity anchoring and flashing, to make sure you get the best service from the combination of your new roof and existing solar energy system.