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Solar Standoff: Roof vs Ground Mount

If you’re considering going solar to cut or eliminate your electric bills, you’ll have to choose between a roof vs ground mount system. We evaluated both options to make the decision easier for you.

Roof Mount System

Roof mount systems are ideal because, let’s face it, your roof is otherwise useless. It protects you from the rain and snow, but it simply doesn’t do much else. So it makes sense to put it to good use and put a solar energy system on your roof—that is, if your roof is ideal for solar.

In order to make investing in a roof mount system profitable, there are many factors that come into play. Your roof can’t be shaded by trees and there must be sufficient space for panels. Also, it’s ideal if you have a south-facing roof to hold panels, as this is the most efficient because the system is facing the sun. A roof that faces west or east will be less efficient, but can still be utilized. But if your only ideal roof space is facing north, your system wouldn’t be very productive. If your roof simply isn’t ideal for a solar energy system, it may be time to look to the backyard for some sunny space.

Ground Mount System

Ground mount systems can be a great alternative if a roof mount isn’t ideal for one reason or another. Let’s say your roof is littered with dormers that look fancy, but don’t allow much room for panels. If you have some extra space in your backyard, opting for a ground mount system can provide you with all of the necessary space to offset all of your electricity usage.

You’d be surprised how many people are turned off by the aesthetics of solar panels. Despite designs becoming sleeker as the years go by, you may be entirely against putting them on the front of your home. Unless you have a back roof that is ideal, you’re out of luck—unless you can find a spot for a ground mount!

Installing a ground mount system does require additional equipment and work, which adds to the installation costs. A trench must be dug and the wires are run underground, which means more equipment and labor. The mount for a ground system is also much larger than that of a roof mount, making costs of materials a bit higher.

But even with these added upfront costs, a ground mount system is still a great way to go solar, cut or eliminate your electricity bills, and decrease your carbon footprint.

And the Winner is…

Whether you opt for a roof or ground mount system largely depends on your roof and your personal preference. If your roof is far from ideal for solar panels, whether it be due to lack of space or abundant shade, a ground mount system can be a great option. However, you have to have the sunny yard space to take that route.

Roof vs ground mount is up to you!

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