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Exact Solar and Yeloha Partnership Allows Anyone to Go Solar

A new partnership between Exact Solar and Yeloha, a solar sharing company based in Massachusetts, makes it possible for anyone to go solar.

Mark Bortman, owner of Exact Solar, is excited to be the first solar installation company outside of Massachusetts to partner with Yeloha. “This partnership will allow us to help anyone who pays an electric bill to reap the benefits of a solar energy system even if they can’t put panels on their own roof,” said Bortman. “The return on investment of putting panels on your own roof is greater, if you can do it, but Yeloha is a excellent alternative that allows people to offset their carbon footprint, invest in solar, and get a solid, guaranteed return on their investment.”

There are many obstacles that can prevent people from installing a solar energy system on their home. Those who rent or own an apartment or condo never had the ability to go solar. Even for homeowners, wanting to go solar is often not enough. Shade, a complicated roof-line, a slate or cedar-shake roof, municipality or HOA regulations, or various other issues, can prevent even the most passionate solar lovers from installing a system. Additionally, although system prices have come down over 60% in the past 5 years, and financing solar energy systems has become easier, cost can also still be an inhibiting factor.

Yeloha has found a way to overcome these obstacles. The company recruits home or business owners in Massachusetts to be Sun Hosts, and installs solar energy systems on their roofs free of charge. In return, the Sun Host receives a portion of the electricity generated by the system.

The remaining solar panels are sold to Sun Partners. In return for purchasing a number of panels on a Sun Host’s roof, Sun Partners automatically receive a credit on their own electric bill each month.  Each panel purchased generates a guaranteed amount of electricity each year, or more.

Sun Partners can track the productivity of their panels through the easy-to-use Yeloha app. All insurance and maintenance costs are covered by Yeloha. Contact Exact Solar to find out more and to qualify for a discount on a Yeloha panel purchase.

See this press release online.

Yardley, PA – September 13, 2015

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