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Exact Solar’s Dara Bortman Joins ASES Board of Directors

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) elects Dara Bortman to its Board of Directors for 2019

The American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) membership has elected Dara Bortman, Sr VP of Sales and Marketing for Exact Solar, to fill one of three open positions on its Board starting in 2019. She joins the team in setting the direction and priorities of the seminal solar energy advocacy organization. Her selection is a reflection of her success in building a customer and quality-centric solar heating and solar electric installation business in the competitive Philadelphia area market as well as being a tireless champion of renewable energy and sustainable living. Dara is excited to join the impressive team of board members and staff who, together, represent over 150 years of experience in the solar and renewable energy arena and who, every day, help ASES fulfill its mission and create an ever-growing, national solar energy community and movement.

Established in 1954 , ASES has become a well-recognized national organization with international ties. The organization’s core mission is to build a better renewable energy community by blending the knowledge and viewpoints of science, industry, policy making, and the people.

Through a combination of digital publications and organized events, a growing number of local ASES chapters, and ASES’s lead publication, Solar Today Magazine, ASES offers a wide combination of industry, consumer, and educational information for everyone from students to seniors. Represented by regional chapters in 41 states and the District of Columbia, 9 student chapters, and 7 technical divisions with student and professional members, ASES has an extensive reach in the United States. It is based in Boulder, Colorado, and is the American section of the International Solar Energy Society. Visit ASES to learn more.

Exact Solar is a locally owned and operated solar heating and solar electric installer founded in 2005 and managed by Mark and Dara Bortman. According to Dara Bortman, Sr VP of Marketing & Sales,

For over 15 years, Mark and I have put our full effort into building the company while also improving our local community. We focus on providing a great working environment at living wages, designing with high quality products, and providing exceptional service to customers. We enjoy making our slice of Pennsylvania and New Jersey a better, more inhabitable place. Each service award we’ve received from reviewers and industry professionals helps us measure our solar success. It’s especially thrilling for me now to be able to share my experiences on the national stage through ASES.

According to the Bortmans, 2019 is a critical year for solar. As the solar energy revolution has rapidly caught on, thousands of businesses and homeowners have installed gigawatts of solar power. Prices have dropped dramatically. In recent times, federal policies and incentives have changed. International solar tariffs are in the mix. Local policies across the nation are evolving at their own pace. Most important to solar buyers across the country, the Federal Investment Tax Credit will lower from 30% to 26% at the end of 2019, with subsequent reductions scheduled in following years. Per Dara,

I see 2019 as a very important transition period for both solar buyers and the majority who say they want to see more clean energy in use. ASES and its commitment to inform and inspire citizens and professionals across the country really fuels the solar revolution. We will not only encourage more property owners with sites suitable for solar to act. The organization will provide insight and motivation for citizens to impact their local policies, which are becoming more indispensable to a sustainable future.

See the official press release here.
Exact Solar services residential and small commercial customers in eastern Pennsylvania and south-central New Jersey. We are one of the few companies in the area with extensive experience in all three types of solar energy systems: solar electric, solar water heating and solar pool heating. Visit Exact Solar‘s website or call (215)621-8353 for more information. The company offers free on-site consultations, exceptional customer service, and turn-key system implementation from start to finish.

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