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United Christian Church Inspired by Generous Gift

United Christian Church in Levittown, Pennsylvania, recognized for its support and outreach with solar energy system.

January 18, 2019, Yardley, Pennsylvania. It has the makings of a legendary Christmas miracle. Exact Solar offered the United Christian Church of Levittown the gift of a solar energy system in honor of their years of local contributions. Blessed with remarkable weather throughout December, Exact Solar was able to squeeze in this special installation right at Christmas time. The installation was completed without a glitch, allowing the church to start the new year with a new inspiration.

The selection of United Christian Church was not a hasty decision. Exact Solar regularly engages in local activities and programs with a focus on the environment and livable communities. The church maintains a well-recognized reputation for its community support and as an inviting place, welcoming all and providing space for groups with limited funds.

According to Dara Bortman, VP of Sales for Exact Solar,

The United Christian Church was one of our earliest customers, having acquired a solar water heating system over a decade ago. We have been impressed with them for a long time. Once Mark and I decided we wanted to donate a solar PV system to a worthy organization, our familiarity with them and their local reputation made our decision very easy.

The Bortmans and Rev. Bill Garrett discussed options with the church’s board which quickly accepted the offer. The gift will help the church reduce their energy costs and free up typically scarce funds for outreach activities and expand their support for those in need. According to Rev. Garrett,

We were so excited by the generous offer. We pride ourselves on our mission, and especially being good stewards of our gifts of nature. The savings not only will give us more opportunities for fellowship and outreach, but it will help us to continue to offer needed community meeting space, normally scarce in Levittown. From addiction support groups to individuals in need, every bit of money this gift saves us will be put to good use. To also be able to proactively improve our environmental impact is a huge bonus for our members.

In fact, this gift has recently inspired the congregation to reduce the impact of plastics in retail by handing out reusable shopping bags.
Church Rooftop Mounted Black Solar PV
Houses of worship and other not for profit social organizations normally do not have the means to invest in a solar energy system. They also lack the ability to take advantage of the available tax incentives. By gifting a system, Exact Solar is proving that more than a simple financial donation, a solar energy system enables practical, long term savings, boosts inspiration, and in this instance rewards a community partner’s accomplishments. Cliché but true, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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