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Exact Solar Becomes a Panasonic EverVolt Certified Installer

We’re a certified installer! A growing number of Pennsylvania and New Jersey homeowners are searching for ways to lower their energy costs. Installing a rooftop solar energy system has become an affordable and sure way to do that. For some as local and national events prove, becoming even more energy self-sufficient is just as important.

For years, Exact Solar has been offering battery storage options that when coupled with a solar energy system give homeowners greater ability to use their solar generated electricity at some future time. These battery backup systems offer not only greater independence, they can be critical in times of emergency, too.

That’s why we are excited to announce the next expansion of our product offerings by having become a Certified Installer for Panasonic’s EverVolt battery storage system.

According to our Founder and President, Mark Bortman,

We want to take advantage of the steady pace of product development and introduction of new technologies for the clean energy and energy storage industries. Because our goal is to provide high performing, reliable solutions to fit all customers’ needs, we are routinely evaluating new products and striking new supply agreements and partnerships.

He adds,

Choosing Panasonic’s EverVolt, I believe we have found a way to meet even more battery backup needs with proven quality and value.

Providing Battery Storage

The evolution of battery technology doesn’t always result in proven solutions being fully replaced by the newest designs. There are situations where tried and true products and designs we installed years ago may still offer the best fit for a homeowner today.

Carefully expanding our offerings means we can build to an even wider range of backup needs.

We offer both traditional sealed lead-acid and more modern lithium-based battery styles and associated charging controls that satisfy most financial requests {limits? Right word?}.

We are able to design turnkey solar plus storage systems for new customers and to retrofit new battery storage to existing solar energy systems.

To see more about this, visit our Solar Plus Storage page.

About Panasonic EverVolt

The Panasonic-engineered storage system is compatible with any solar system or inverter and can be tailored to a homeowner’s individual needs. EverVolt systems are modular and can be scaled down to as little as 5.7 kWh of energy storage or expanded to 34.2 kWh.

We chose EverVolt due to key features and capabilities:

  • Self-contained controls – No need for internet access during grid outages, for example.
  • Priority charging mode which rapidly charges batteries if needed.
  • With both AC- and DC- coupling available, we can design projects as a solar plus storage package or battery storage as a retrofit.

With this addition, we have more ways to meet the growing demand for home battery storage while being confident in the reliability and product support which comes with the Panasonic brand.

If you are interested in new turnkey systems, adding backup storage to your solar energy system, or whole house energy management options, contact us by using the form to the right, or feel free to call us or email your interests.

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