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Employee Spotlight: Gabriel!

At Exact Solar, we are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about solar energy. In this month’s employee spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Gabriel Darie, who has been with us since September 2019. Employee spotlight: Gabriel!

When asked about what inspired him to join Exact Solar, Gabriel shared that our locally-owned business was a major draw for him. He values being a part of a tight-knit company that feels like a second family. Additionally, our diverse range of work opportunities, including installations for generators and commercial businesses, was particularly appealing to him. Gabriel’s decision to join Exact Solar was driven by his desire to work for a business that values community and provides ample opportunities for professional growth.

As an electrician and technician, Gabriel’s job entails connecting solar panels, inverters, and other high-voltage equipment to the building’s power supply. He is also responsible for assessing the environment, detecting and mitigating any hazards associated with installation.

Gabriel’s favorite part about working with Exact Solar is the attention to detail and the remarkable collaboration between Operation “Office” and Operation “Field.” He appreciates the flexibility and teamwork that goes into ensuring a happy and pleasing customer outcome.

Gabriel mentioned that what makes Exact Solar stand out from other companies in the industry is our ability to remain composed and level-headed even in the most challenging and high-pressure situations. The leadership team at Exact Solar possesses an innate talent for staying calm and focused, which translates into the entire organization’s ability to provide excellent service to clients. This unique quality sets us apart from their competitors and has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy solar company. Our team’s ability to remain composed in challenging situations demonstrates our commitment to excellence and dedication to providing our clients with the best possible experience.

One of Gabriel’s most interesting projects at Exact Solar was a recently completed solar installation. His team, the Flying Penguins, took great pride in this project, which involved installing solar panels and running a new power line between the house’s main panel and the barn’s sub-panel. The homeowner was impressed with Gabriel and his crew’s professionalism, dedication, and hard work. Check out their awesome review below:

“Your team just completed the installation today. Alisa and I are sending you this email to let you know how impressed we are by the Exact Solar Team, from top to bottom. Gabriel and his crew were nothing but professionals, dedicated and hard workers. It was not an easy job, and they just kept on going, handling one issue at the time. I showed Gabriel on the first day what I was hoping to see for the condo route through the buildings, due to the particularity of our 200 years old house and dependences. Him and his crew did exactly that, from one end to the next, without my having to get involved. They went thru a lot to pull the new power line between the house main panel and the barn sub panel, going through 3 buildings and 2 trenches in between. I have been in construction for 40 years and ran 3 different construction companies. I know a great team when I see one, and they do not come by often. I am sure you know that you have a gold Team there. If your product runs as well as your Team, we are in good shape. Congratulations to all, you guys run a fine operation. Thank you.”

Outside of work, Gabriel loves seafood and enjoys fishing as his favorite hobby. On his bucket list, he hopes to visit Mount Athos in Greece for at least ten days with his son. When asked about advice he would give to his younger self, Gabriel emphasized the importance of beginning the spiritual life from a young age to develop good habits and continue in them for a joyous life.

At Exact Solar, we are honored to have Gabriel on our team and appreciate his dedication to helping customers achieve the freedom of solar energy! We take pride in highlighting the exceptional skills and knowledge of our team members who are dedicated to their field. Our unwavering commitment to supporting our team guarantees that our customers receive exceptional service from experienced professionals. If you’re ready to join the solar revolution, Exact Solar is here to help. We are your local solar experts!

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