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The Future is Bright for Green Energy: Exact Solar’s Impact on the Next Generation

At Exact Solar, we are passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation to join us in the fight for a cleaner planet. We were delighted to accept the invitation from the Hopewell Central High School‘s Green Team to participate in an educational panel on green careers, as part of their Green Week celebration of Earth Day.

Doug Edwards, the owner of Exact Solar, participated in a Q&A event at a school where he shared his expertise with students who were interested in pursuing careers in green energy. Despite having the option to socialize or study during their lunch break, the students opted to attentively listen to the panel of four professionals in the field while enjoying wraps, salads, and fruit in between classes. Doug was joined by a distinguished panel of speakers, including Marjorie Kaplan from Rutgers Climate Institute, Gina Gambacorto from NJDEP Bureau of Sustainability, and Stephanie Sharo from Isles. Each panelist shared their unique journey in the green energy space, serving as an inspiration to students.

The next generation students recognize the crisis and are eager to be a part of the solution. The panelists highlighted various professions, not limited to the solar energy industry, that can aid in combating the climate crisis. According to one student, the panel was a great experience. The panelists provided diverse perspectives on the climate crisis and how they were addressing it, which resonated with the audience. Another student expressed their enthusiasm for discovering diverse approaches to integrating sustainability into one’s work, even if it doesn’t pertain directly to climate.

The educational panel on green careers was a resounding success. The Green Team at Hopewell Central High School provided an excellent platform for professionals such as Doug, Marjorie, Gina, and Stephanie to promote awareness and inspire students to pursue careers in the green energy industry. The students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for sustainability demonstrated that the future is in good hands. At Exact Solar, we are honored to be part of the effort to create a cleaner planet for generations to come and are proud to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis. Together, we can make a positive impact and help save the world, one solar panel at a time!

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