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Why Winter is the Perfect Season to Go Solar

The sunny, summer months are ideal for solar energy production, but the winter is truly the perfect season to go solar. Here are four reasons why you should consider going solar this winter.

1. Going solar doesn’t happen over night.

While it doesn’t take very long to install a solar energy system (typically a 3-day process), waiting for townships to approve building and zoning permits can be a long process. As more people turn to solar energy to cut their energy bills and carbon footprints, we are seeing increased delays in the application and permitting processes, particularly in New Jersey. If you start exploring your solar energy options now, your system could be up and running when the sunny, summer months come back around. Just in time to power your air conditioning!

2. Installers prefer to work during the winter.

It does get chilly up on a roof during the winter, but bundling up in layers and working hard keeps our installers warm. However, a chilly, winter day is always preferred over a brutally hot day in the summer. If you think it’s hot at the beach in July, try spending a couple of hours on a roof. Do our wonderful installers a favor, and go solar before things heat up again.

3. Solar panels generate energy year round.

It may be a bit gloomier during the winter months, but the sun is still shining. The days are shorter, but we aren’t living in darkness. A solar energy system will provide your home or business with energy all year. A few cloudy days with snow flurries will lessen your panels’ productivity, but the sun will soon come out again, melt away the frost, and continue to provide you with clean energy.

4. The sooner you go solar, the sooner you’ll start saving!

Many of our customers can completely eliminate their electric bills, allowing them to spend their hard-earned cash on more important things. The sooner you go solar, the sooner you can start saving. Imagine how blissful your life would be if you put all of your savings from going solar into a holiday gift fund each year. Or a vacation fund… Heading to a tropical island next winter sounds like a good plan.

So don’t be fooled into thinking that sunny, summer months are the best time to go solar. The not-so-sunny winter months are actually ideal for both the solar installers and the customers. Exact Solar is ready to give you the best Christmas gift around—low energy bills! Winter is absolutely the perfect season to go solar.

Written by Sarah Bergen. Sarah is the Office Manager at Exact Solar. She has a background in journalism and is passionate about fighting climate change. She can be reached at [email protected].

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