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Summer home cooling tips

Long, sunny days have arrived, and the kids have swapped homework and studying for swimming and summer camp. But while the change of season brings fun in the sun, the constant hum of air conditioners working to combat the summer heat can sound like money going down the drain. Sweltering in the heat? We’ve put together a list of summer home cooling tips for you!

On the bright side, there are free and inexpensive ways to keep summer electric bills under control without sweltering in the heat. A programmable thermostat is key. Keep the thermostat set as high as comfortably possible while at home.

Do not turn the temperature way down – this won’t cool things off any faster. Increase the temperature while you are away from home and keep pets cool by placing a small fan on the floor near their bed. A ceiling fan will allow a decrease of four degrees without any impact on comfort, but be sure to turn fans off when you leave the room. The wind chill cools people – not the room.

Also be sure to open the windows on cooler nights. Close the windows, blinds and curtains in the morning to keep the cool air in and the heat out.

Refrain from using appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and clothes dryers that produce a lot of heat. Opting to cook with a microwave or grill and hanging clothes outside on a line will keep things cooler.

Be sure to switch out incandescent light bulbs because 90% of the energy used is given off as heat. LED and CFL bulbs use a fraction of the energy used by incandescent bulbs and last 10 to 25 times as long.

When it comes to outdoor lighting opt for solar-powered lights that won’t cost anything to power!

With these simple changes keeping cool this summer is possible. Also, consider going solar to cool your home with the power of the sun!

submitted by Sarah Bergen, Blogger/Publicist, Exact Solar

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