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Home Solar energy systems add value

The streets are once again alive with nature, festivals, yard sales, and open houses. This is the start of what calls the prime home buying season, which typically begins in April and peaks in June. If only they knew the power of home solar energy systems!

Buying a home is often seen as an investment, and for both buyers and sellers, there is no better way to invest in a home than to install a solar energy system. Adding a solar energy system to a home is typically seen as a long-term investment, but even those looking to sell in the near future can reap great financial benefits from going solar today.

In January 2015, a comprehensive Lawrence Berkley Laboratory study found that “home buyers consistently have been willing to pay more for homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems across various states, housing and PV markets, and home types.”

The national average premium for a typical PV system was about $15,000.

The Appraisal Journal built upon these findings and released its own study in March 2016, further reinforcing the value that PV systems add to homes across the United States. In fact, one area of focus was Southeastern Pennsylvania, where the study found the average premium was $16,377.

This is bright news for those looking to sell a home with a solar PV system, as well as those looking to buy a home and increase the value in order to make a profit down the road. In the meantime, cutting or eliminating monthly energy costs is a benefit for anyone who goes solar.

Buyers can look for homes with roof space that face as close to due south as possible, avoid homes with looming trees, and even roll the cost of a solar energy system into a mortgage.

Submitted by Sarah Bergen, Blogger/Publicist, Exact Solar

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