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Welcome to the Exact Solar blog!  This blog will educate and energize you.  We will introduce you to solar energy concepts, technologies, and uses in this fledgling industry that’s literally changing daily.  New advances are increasing efficiency while industry leaders are finding safer ways to develop products and recycle and re-use production byproducts. All while prices continue to drop. It’s an exciting time in the solar energy field and we’re here to tell you about it.

And, we will energize you to save energy.  Before going solar, we should all look at our power consumption overall and do whatever we can to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our energy conservation tips will help you reduce your power consumption overall, and your carbon-based energy consumption in particular.  It’s simple, and can save you and our society tons of money.

Energy conservation, in general, paired with the use of solar energy, in particular, will reduce the amount of mining, drilling, transporting, burning, and polluting we do as a society and in turn, reduce costs in healthcare, national security, and environmental cleanup. Join us on the journey to energy conservation and solar energy generation.

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