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Rooftop Solar Energy is a Coming Revolution

Yardley Voice/Newtown Gazette – Previously, we shared study results showing that solar energy systems increase home sales prices across every region in the U.S. It is fair to wonder if those buyers are a minority and whether this is a lasting trend. Rooftop solar energy is here to stay!

There are reasons to believe it is more than a trend. It is a coming revolution. Large and small, every renewable energy addition reduces reliance on traditional power generation using fossil fuels.

PJM Interconnect Renewable Energy Study
Renewable Energy Impact on “Business as Usual” (BAU) or Fossil Energy Use

People increasingly become aware of it. This is reflected in recent surveys by the Pew Research Center where 89% of the public favor expanding the use of solar power. Most surprisingly, people of every political view agree.

Favoring clean energy doesn’t depend on climate change views, either.

Locally, the organization, which coordinates the region’s electricity transmission grid for Washington, D.C., and 13 states including Pennsylvania, has been investigating how to manage increasing levels of renewable energy.

PJM Interconnect estimates the current renewable energy contribution is less than 10%. It has paid for research to ensure current network reliability is maintained when renewable energy reaches levels of 20% and 30% of the mix.

That is a lot of room to grow. For local communities, the best news from this analysis is that a properly designed network also allows large reductions in natural gas and coal fired power generation, with lower future costs.

No sunshine or wind needs to be purchased, after all. In one scenario, coal capacity could theoretically be reduced by as much as 35%.

There are grassroots efforts to find the best path to a 100% renewable energy future because it is better for our health, our air, and our pocketbooks.

For example, the Sierra Club operates the Ready for 100% Renewable Energy Campaign. The Philadelphia, Bucks and Chester County chapters are presently working hard to spread the word about the benefits of transitioning to a renewable future.

As communities in these areas make a pledge towards 100% renewable energy, each home with a solar energy system becomes more valuable.

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