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New incentives in Pennsylvania bring the cost of going solar down

The PA Sunshine Program makes solar water heating systems an attractive and affordable way to go green in Pennsylvania

PRLog (Press Release) – May 25, 2011 – Yardley, PA – A combination of federal and Pennsylvania state incentives, along with decreasing prices, have brought the cost of solar energy systems down more than 65%.  More than ever, solar energy systems make economic sense for the average homeowner – increasing the value of your home, reducing your utility bills, protecting you from rising electricity, oil and gas prices, and reducing your carbon footprint, all at the same time.  Many Pennsylvania residents are tapping into these opportunities to save money and the environment.  Because of the state’s rebate program, one option in particular, solar water heating (also known as solar thermal), is more attractive and affordable than others.

Mark Bortman, owner of Exact Solar of Yardley, PA says, “We’re very excited about these programs, especially in regards to solar water heating systems.  Solar water heating systems are not to be confused with solar electric or photovoltaic systems, which are also a great option, but use a different technology to convert the sun’s rays into electricity versus just using the sun’s energy to heat water.  Solar water heaters, while largely unknown to people in the United States, are a mainstay in many other countries like China, Greece, Austria and Germany and have been required on all new homes in Israel and Spain for years.  In Pennsylvania, we receive just as much solar radiation as in Germany and plenty to heat water and reduce the average family’s electric bills by up to 50%.  We can and should be harnessing the solar energy that hits our roofs for free every day, and the current incentives in Pennsylvania make it even easier and more affordable than usual.  For the average family of four, the cost of a solar water heating system can be as low as $3000 while the return on investment can be more than 20%.”

These incentives won’t be around for long.  Contact Exact Solar for your free consultation and to find out more at (267) 825-0918 or look for them on the web at

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