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My son, Ari, puts solar panels on a favorite non-profits warehouse

For his bar mitzvah project, my son, Ari, raised money through grants and donations to put solar panels on one of our favorite non profits.  Through their food distribution program, the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) and its corps of over 12,000 volunteers distribute food to over 3,000 needy families throughout the Greater Philadelphia area each month.  The project was covered on our local NPR radio station here in Philadelphia, WHYY.  The system will cut the JRA’s utility bills in half, allowing them to feed more hungry people.


Getting ready to go - Loading up the car with cement blocks...
Loading up the car and getting ready to go…

10:00 am

Getting the racks up onto the roof
The panels were already on the roof but the racks needed to be loaded onto the lift and brought up.
Riding up to the roof
Riding up to the roof
JRA (Jewish Relief Agency)
Ari on the roof of the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) warehouse
Arranging the racks
The racks were arranged in rows…
Connecting the racks
…and then they needed to be connected together.
Connecting mounting brackets and inverters
Each solar panel needed brackets attached and some needed inverters.
Placing cement blocks into racks
Cement blocks were placed into the racks to provide ballast so the system won’t move and wind won’t blow the panels over.

12:30 pm

Stopping for lunch
Stopped for a good picnic lunch on the roof.
Back to work with WHYY photographer looking on
Back to work with WHYY photographer, Kimberly Paynter, looking on
Solar panels get placed on racks
The solar panels get attached to the racks.
Amy Krulick, JRA Exec Director, stops by to check out the progress.
Amy Krulick, JRA Exec Director, stops by to check out the progress.
And, State Representative Kevin Boyle's Chief of Staff stops by with a Citation for Ari.
And, State Representative Kevin Boyle’s Chief of Staff stops by with a Citation for Ari.
Ari with his PA Citation
All in a day’s work…

If you have a favorite charity or local organization that you think would benefit from reduced utility costs, we would be happy to help you make that a reality.  Please call and we can work together to help others.  It would be our pleasure. (Call Mark at (267) 825-0918 or email him at [email protected]).

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