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Lessons the Pandemic is Teaching the World

The most vulnerable parts of the world’s population are those with the least means and inferior access to health care, ultimately making them more susceptible to exposure related health consequences. The recent coronavirus pandemic continues to highlight this inequality, while also showing us that anyone with existing pulmonary or respiratory problems can also be at greater risk to disease. Those with weakened lungs are much more likely to be stricken.

That makes continuing the fight to improve air quality one of the most effective actions society can take to improve the health of people around the world and reduce susceptibility to future viral outbreaks. This path to cleaner air runs almost exclusively through the power generation and transportation fields, where each emissions reduction has a significant impact on measured air quality.

Faster transitioning of our communities away from traditional fossil fuels towards clean energy should therefore be a larger priority to meet these goals.

Reducing dependence on electricity sources that emit unwanted compounds as well as greenhouse gases will also result in less damage overall to the ecosystem, further benefiting the general health and well-being of society. Collectively, we need to prioritize and accelerate the use of all forms of sustainable energy.

Solar power is unique in its ability to economically scale from small to large applications. Each homeowner can invest to offset most or all their average annual electricity usage while enjoying significant savings for decades. Businesses may do the same, where the savings prove to be a great return on the investment of valuable money.

And utilities can install gigawatts of solar energy capacity at costs to the consumer that are competitive with, and in some cases less than, coal and natural gas generation – making it a financially smart business move regardless of other positive effects.

We cannot know exactly how the return to work phase of the pandemic will take place. However, as a society, we can prepare for a better, more equitable, healthier future. That future needs to leave the world better prepared for the next outbreaks that will certainly come.

Modern clean energy technology offers us one proven solution to quickly improve air quality while also likely saving money.

What could make more sense than that?

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