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Exact Solar’s Mark Bortman to Share Solar Knowledge in Malaysia

In coordination with the YSEALI Professional Fellows Program (Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative), the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) in Philadelphia, PA, hosted a young Southeast Asian entrepreneur for 5 weeks in the fall of 2017. Noor Shahiwan (Iwan) of SunCrox Solar in Malaysia, was one of 30 brought to the US as part of the program. He learned from and networked with companies around southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. He invited Mark Bortman to share solar knowledge in Malaysia.

The U.S. State Department YSEALI program is designed to connect motivated people aged 25-35 with American counterparts in individually tailored work placements. Not only does this give them the opportunity to spend five weeks in the United States, it exposes them to the workings of non-profit organizations, state and local government, and private-sector enterprises across the country.

Mark Bortman of Exact Solar speaks with Iwan and “Prof K.” about solar energy and its future in Malaysia.

Mark Bortman of Exact Solar was fortunate to be connected with Iwan during his weeks in the Philadelphia area. The two shared their knowledge of each country’s solar energy market challenges and unique design requirements. Iwan was able to experience installations in real time. He saw first hand how Pennsylvania climatic conditions and U.S. regulations require different solar component selections and system designs compared to Malaysia. The two also spent time discussing Mark’s experiences in building Exact Solar as a viable solar energy installation business.

In reciprocation, Mark has been invited as the only solar energy industry representative for a 2 week mission to Southeast Asia, including spending time in Malaysia with Iwan. No stranger to helping developing markets, Mark has installed solar systems in Central America in the past. According to Mark:

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to share knowledge and experience with a motivated and bright counterpart in another region. I’m especially excited to experience and learn how a tropical nation halfway across the globe is addressing unique challenges and growing as an emerging solar market. Most importantly, I get a chance to share lessons learned after a decade of building our solar energy installation company. I’m proud to represent Pennsylvania and the U.S. this way.


Exact Solar is one of the only companies in the PA/NJ service area with extensive experience in all three types of solar energy systems: solar electric, solar water heating and solar pool heating. Service area includes southeast PA and south-central NJ. Serving residential and small commercial. A 30% federal tax credit is currently in place to reduce the cost of installing solar energy systems/solar panels for homes and businesses. For more information, visit Exact Solar’s website or call (215)621-8353. The company offers free on-site consultations, exceptional customer service, and turn-key system implementation from start to finish.

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