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Exact Solar Partners with Solarize Philly

Exciting news for Philadelphia! Exact Solar, your leading provider of quality solar energy solutions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2005, has been selected as an approved installer for Solarize Philly.

Solarize Philly aims to build a robust coalition of renewable-focused community organizations, homeowners, and businesses. 

This breakthrough program offers a unique opportunity for residents to install solar panels at their homes and businesses at discounted prices, using bulk purchasing power. Their cooperative approach ensures affordability and simplifies the process of going solar for the average Philadelphian. 

The partnership offers cooperative purchasing, wherein the City of Philadelphia connects individuals and organizations interested in adopting solar power with high-quality, vetted installers. 

Solarize Philly is a subsidiary of the Philadelphia Energy Authority, an organization dedicated to accelerating Philadelphia’s renewable energy goals. 

Here is the PEA’s core mission, as summed up on Solarize Philly’s website

“PEA’s core mission includes:

  • Identifying, supporting, and facilitating the most cost-effective and environmentally sound opportunities for the City of Philadelphia to reduce energy use and expenses;
  • Promoting and assisting the development of alternative sources of energy, benefiting the retention and development of a local workforce, which is essential for the economic prosperity of the City; and,
  • Educating Philadelphia’s consumers (including residential, commercial, and public sector audiences) regarding best practices and choices available to pursue common energy goals.”

PEA’s goals align with Exact Solar’s seamlessly.

This collaboration between Exact Solar and Solarize Philly is about harnessing the collective power of Philadelphians to drive solar energy adoption on a broad scale, bringing low-cost energy options to those who need them most. 

We’re honored to join this initiative! Exact Solar has built a long-standing reputation for customer satisfaction in the solar industry, and now we’re being recognized for our commitment to quality. 

We won’t let you down, Philadelphia. With over 19 years of experience in the solar industry, Exact Solar is well-positioned to deliver the quality installations necessary to make Solarize Philly a success.

Hand-in-hand with Solarize Philly, Exact Solar is ready to transform Philadelphia’s energy landscape, one solar system at a time.

For more information about Solarize Philly and Exact Solar’s role in this transformative program, visit Solarize Philly’s website and Exact Solar’s website.

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