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Exact Solar Middle School Solar Project Recognized

pv magazine Cites Holland Middle School Solar Project in Review of Northeast Activity

A recent Exact Solar project in Holland, PA, has been cited as a prime example of the vibrancy of the solar energy industry in the Northeastern states in 2018. The publication pv magazine is an 11 year old print and digital media magazine covering the international solar photovoltaic (PV) market.

The sister publication for the U.S., pv magazine USA, sent representatives to Solar Power Northeast, a trade show in Boston, MA. Two industry leaders SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) and SEPA (Smart Electric Power Alliance) produced the event to showcase new developments in solar energy and energy storage technologies as well as review the most recent milestones.

While utility scale solar energy systems are vital to the clean energy transition across the U.S., smaller scale activity – also known as distributed solar energy – leads in job creation and capacity additions in the region. Recognizing this, the publication highlights its “snapshot list” of a few of the more significant distributed solar projects for the past year.

Solar School in Holland PA
112 kW — Holland PA

The Exact Solar team is excited that the Holland Middle School project was included as an example to represent the region’s progress in 2018. To the company, this project represents the best of what solar energy has to offer:

  • The immediate and decades long solar savings provides critical funds for education. Every school system can better use these thousands of dollars in educational program activities.
  • In almost every case, the solar energy system can become an integral part of both environmental and economic teachings. Having a local system gives students the ability to be hands on. In some cases, they actively monitor both production and environmental impact.
  • Solarized schools are a positive symbol for their neighborhoods and communities.

To read more about the state of solar in the Northeast, see the full pv magazine USA article, Northeastern installers put up 902 MW of distributed solar .

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