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Exact Solar Celebrated in Bucks County, PA

The West Rockhill PA Solar Array

Pennsylvania solar installer ends 2020 on a high note with awards

Exact Solar celebrated again! While the global pandemic has starkly affected every aspect of life and business this year, Exact Solar is proud to have adapted and successfully continued to deliver carbon-free solar power systems while rigorously protecting staff and customers.

Such dedication to safety and service to customers results in a bright end to 2020. Exact Solar has been selected as a Best of Bucks company this year. Thousands of Bucks County, Pennsylvania residents cast their votes and Exact Solar was voted Best Energy/Services Company for the second year in a row.

According to owner Mark Bortman,

In a normal year, we were happy getting the Best of Bucks award – a testament to our equal focus on quality of life in our community and to providing practical and affordable solar energy solutions. To be voted Best again in a year so disrupted by a pandemic is really special.

The company also sees winning the bid for a local town solar project as another kind of award. West Rockhill Township in Bucks County signed a contract recently with Exact Solar to design and install a ground mounted solar array. The 70 MW system will produce an estimated 90,000 kWh of energy per year. It will occupy existing open land behind the township building, requiring no removal of trees or significant changes to the property.

West Rockhill Township Offices

Construction begins in January, and once completed weeks later, the solar energy project will more than offset all of the power needed for the township building’s operations, the nearby maintenance facility, and park lighting. Approximately $13,000 a year will no longer be paid to the utility for that electricity, an important savings for the community.

Co-owner Dara Bortman adds,

We make it a point to be active in local advocacy efforts focused on environmental and social justice. Helping neighbors and their town reduce the environmental impact of their operations while also freeing up thousands of dollars for better use is a great fulfillment of our mission and a huge win for everyone involved.

Dara notes that on top of savings, there are ongoing discussions to best leverage the new solar energy system for its educational value. Local students from the Upper Bucks County Technical School and the Bucks County Intermediate Unit may be engaged in everything, from grounds maintenance to designing and operating the production monitoring. Says Dara,

It’s exciting to see how West Rockhill residents value this opportunity and all its benefits. We really hope it inspires the students and even more people to take their own steps in reducing carbon emissions, improving local air quality, and transitioning to clean energy for a healthier, more secure future.


For over a decade, Exact Solar has designed and installed solar electric, solar water heating, and solar pool heating systems in southeast Pennsylvania and south-central New Jersey. The solar energy industry has consistently recognized the company as a top local contractor. Customers give the company the highest reviews through a variety of online services. To learn more or get a free evaluation, use the contact form at the right or call us at (215)621-8353.

See the full press release here.

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