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Exact Solar Advocates for the Planet

In addition to being an award-winning and leading area solar installer, Exact Solar is committed to forwarding the important conversation about the need to transition to clean energy technologies as efficiently, quickly, and equitably as possible.

Dependent mostly on fossil fuels, the status quo is extremely expensive, especially once you consider true costs due to subsidies and health costs due to pollution, among other external costs. Slowing the effects of climate change should be one of the world’s highest priorities and moving to clean power generation will do the most in achieving climate goals while delivering affordable electricity and improving personal well-being across the map.

These aren’t uninformed aspirations – studies define transition paths to high levels of renewable energy generation which reduce total energy costs and improve grid resiliency and stability, all without burdening taxpayers as fossil fuels are phased out. For example: The World Economic Forum has proposed a “New Green Deal roadmap” for 143 countries, representing 99.7% of the global CO2 emissions, and which achieves 100% clean energy production by 2050. Their plan is customized for each nation, considering the strength of local solar and wind resources, population densities and energy storage needs, and focused on reducing electricity costs across the board.

For the United States, a much greater focus on policies making a renewable future possible are needed, starting with options in the current budget reconciliation bill such as Clean Energy Standards (CES), a price for carbon, and support for workers transitioning from the existing fossil economy.

Exact Solar fully supports policymakers willing to take brave steps, and we need more voices to help accelerate the changes.

We encourage people to communicate with their federal representatives during the current budget reconciliation debates for starters, and we welcome visitors to to find out more about what is at stake and what you can do.

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