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Exact Solar a Top Contractor for 2021

For the eighth consecutive year, Exact Solar has again been named a Solar Power World Top Contractor for 2021 in North America. The list is developed each year by Solar Power World to honor the work of the top solar contractors in the United States. Solar companies in the utility, commercial and residential markets are ranked by number of kilowatts installed in the previous year.

This is the most satisfying of the eight awards we’ve received,

says Mark Bortman, owner of Exact Solar. He adds,

The disruption from the pandemic was a challenge, not just for our company and our procedures, but also for all of our valued customers. This is a recognition of the resilience of our entire community. Together we have been able to secure our collective health while continuing our work prioritizing people and the planet.

Thankfully the national residential solar market grew by 11% in 2020. Exact Solar sees even better opportunities in 2021 for Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents ready to get relief from high and growing electrical energy costs.

The 2021 solar power outlook is enhanced by the federal government passing a two-year extension of the solar investment tax credit (ITC), which locks in the federal tax credit at 26% of purchase costs for the next 2 years. Also, both states continue to support Renewable Energy Credit markets, giving consumers an additional income opportunity from their solar production.

Due to low costs, clean energy has become an optimal choice for industry when adding and replacing capacity. It is also the best option for homeowners to become energy independent and reduce their costs while positively impacting the environment.

Still, the need for policy vigilance is as great as ever. That is why Dara Bortman, the company’s marketing and customer guru, remains fully active in local and national organizations seeking to build the best path forward for solar power adoption.

Exact Solar is using lessons learned during pandemic-driven remote communications, seeking ways to make the customer experience easier and better. For example, the company now offers a simple, automated way for homeowners to get a free estimate using satellite technology prior to any phone calls or site visits. That’s why we’re a top contractor for 2021.

According to Mark,

We know that the pandemic has not fully passed, and many families want to be as safe as possible. The more we can do remotely and the more information we can provide up front, the better for us and our customers. People can now get more information than ever on our website in just a few clicks.

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For over a decade, Exact Solar has designed and installed solar electric, solar water heating, and solar pool heating systems in southeast Pennsylvania and south-central New Jersey. The solar energy industry has consistently recognized the company as a top local contractor. Customers give the company the highest reviews through a variety of online services. For more information and free on-site consultations, visit Exact Solar at or call them at (215)621-8353.

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