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Employee Spotlight: Meet Samantha!

We are excited to present our June employee spotlight featuring Samantha Nicklaus, our Accounting and HR Manager. Samantha has been an outstanding team member at Exact Solar since May 2022, and we are proud to have her expertise and dedication. Read on to learn about Samantha’s journey with Exact Solar!

Samantha was initially drawn to Exact Solar due to her interest in working for a solar company, which she discovered through a job posting. However, her discussion with Doug, the president of Exact Solar, and Emily, the HR Manager, left her enthusiastic about the prospect of working for the company.

Her daily job duties include handling accounting and HR functions such as running payroll, sending invoices to customers, tracking accounts receivables, handling customer loans, reviewing monthly reports for job profitability, onboarding new employees, working with insurance agents, and handling administrative tasks. What Samantha likes most about working with Exact Solar is the people. She enjoys coming to work because of the kind and friendly environment and the funny moments that break up the monotony of working on a computer all day.

In her interview, Samanatha expressed that Exact Solar’s community involvement makes them unique, as they strive to engage with the community through local sponsorships and events. Her favorite project is the monthly job cost review because it allows her to see the company’s progress and identify areas that need improvement.

When she’s not at work, Samantha enjoys hiking, a hobby she shares with her husband. This month, they plan to hike in some of the national parks out west. One thing on Samantha’s bucket list is to go on The Price is Right, which she watched with her grandparents when she was younger.

If Samantha could give advice to her younger self, she would suggest creating her own path rather than following traditional routes. She emphasized that everyone is unique and should find their own way in life without other people’s influence. If you follow your dreams, you will have a greater chance of happiness and fulfillment in life. As for a fun fact about herself, Samantha shared that she plays multiple instruments. She began playing the flute in fourth grade, added the trombone in sixth grade for jazz band, taught herself the saxophone in eighth grade, played the bass drum for marching band and indoor drumline in ninth grade, and learned the tuba for marching band and wind ensemble in tenth grade. Additionally, Samantha played sousaphone for the Rutgers marching band during her freshman year.

Exact Solar is proud to have Samantha on our team, and we appreciate her dedication and passion for her work! Samantha plays a critical role in Exact Solar’s operations, and she does an incredible job. We take pride in showcasing the exceptional skills and knowledge of all our team members, who are committed to their roles. Our commitment to supporting our team ensures that our customers receive outstanding service from experienced professionals. If you’re ready to join the solar revolution, Exact Solar is ready to assist you. We are your local solar experts!

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