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Electric Cars are Here to Stay!

Not so long ago, electric cars were seen as an inconvenient fad for only the most environmentally conscious consumers on the road. But as increasingly practical, affordable, and aesthetically appealing models make their way onto the market, Americans are realizing that electric cars are here to stay – and they make sense.

The same can be said about solar energy systems. Going solar used to be a luxury of the wealthy, but the cost of an average residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system is half of what it was just five years ago.

When consumers consider investing in an electric car or a solar energy system, the incentives often include cutting both their energy costs and carbon footprints.

Opting for an electric car will cut out the gas station, but it is easy to forget that the need to plug it in will increase the electric bill. However, charging an electric car is much cheaper than filling up the gas tank.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, gas currently costs an average of $2.23 per gallon in Pennsylvania, while an “eGallon,” or the amount of electricity equivalent to a gallon of gas, costs a Pennsylvania resident an average of $1.29.

Investing in an EV can make inflated gas prices irrelevant, but increasing electricity costs are still looming. Installing a solar PV system can provide the energy needed to charge an electric car, and even cut or eliminate monthly electric bills.

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Submitted by Sarah Bergen, Blogger/Publicist, Exact Solar

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