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Bring on the Heat: Summer Solar Tips

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Happy First Day of Summer – A Time for Solar

Today is the first day of summer and we know what that means – long days of sunshine and solar power.

As we head into the dog days of summer, there are many ways you can protect your solar system to ensure that they run smoothly and you can enjoy your days in the sun.

Tips for Maintaining Your Solar Systems in the Summer

Thanks to longer days, more direct sunshine, and fewer cloudy days, your solar system will produce electricity at a high rate. To optimize that production, it’s essential to take steps to ensure that you’re helping it out along the way.

  • Debris on your panels: Summer brings beautiful weather, but it also brings pollen and dirt. You might notice that your solar panels become dusty and grimy in the warm months thanks to all of the pollen being blown around the air. Enough buildup can begin to affect your system’s efficiency. Usually, rain washes away most pollen, dust, and debris. But if weeks have gone by without much rain, you can rinse your solar panels with a garden hose using demineralized water. For safety reasons, avoid using a ladder and rinse the panels from the ground. If the water won’t reach that high, hire a professional to give them a good cleaning.
  • Blooming trees: As the sun’s position changes during the summer, it’s important to monitor your panels for any shading issues. Though we love the beautiful foliage in the summer, overgrown trees and shrubs can block the sun from your panels. Trimming them back will help your solar panels bask in the sun, helping to increase their energy production. Watching for shading issues can also reduce the pollen being dropped on top of your panels. In addition, solar panels are often connected in series to form a string so if one panel is shaded, it can significantly impact the performance of the entire string. The output of the whole string is limited by the panel with the lowest light exposure.
  • Check on your system: Remember to regularly check that your solar system is functioning well. It’s also important to monitor the heat of your panels. Solar panels are designed to operate within a specific temperature range and high temperatures can impact their efficiency. Ensure that your panels have adequate airflow and are not obstructed by objects that may trap heat, such as leaves or debris. Notice any maintenance issues or repairs needed? Give us a call and we’re here to help!
  • Plan your energy usage: Knowing when to use which appliances can make all the difference. Some of the most high-energy household appliances – like the washing machine and dishwasher – should be run during the day when the sun is shining. By utilizing solar energy when it’s abundant, you can reduce or eliminate the need to draw electricity from the grid, maximizing your cost savings.

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