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Exact Solar Consulted on U.S. Solar Power Market

Finland’s national public broadcasting company, Yle, recently reported on 10 years of U.S. economic prosperity and the possibility of a disruption due to tariffs on China. Recently, he reached out to Exact Solar’s founder for insights on the U.S. solar power market.

Washington, D.C,  based Yle journalist Mike Hentunen was researching for an article and broadcast news report. He reached out to Mark Bortman, president of Exact Solar, and Mark Zandi.

Mark Zandi is a nationally recognized economic authority and the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. During his interview, Zandi described how the U.S. economy is mostly resilient with respect to federal economic policy. He noted that recent trade tariffs will not have significant negative effect, provided they are not further increased. However, the decade of noteworthy economic growth may naturally relax at some point in the near future.

The Finnish journalist noted that 20 million U.S. jobs have been created over that time period, including over 300,000 in the solar energy sector alone.

Mark Bortman was asked about his views on the domestic solar power market and how he manages Exact Solar throughout the boom economy. He described the Exact Solar philosophy: Be careful in managing business growth during the boom to not lose any customer focus; Aim for approximately 20% to 25% increase in operations each year. This positions the company to be able to withstand any future market fluctuations and be a trusted supplier for years to come.

Also according to Mark, the solar market at the local level has proven to be somewhat independent, where people are choosing to go solar for environmental reasons and for the immediate savings gained. His observation is based on the fact that the historical and steady drop in solar energy costs makes going solar nearly irresistible whether the economy is flat or in a boom cycle.

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Click here to read an approximate translation of the Yle broadcasting interview.

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