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Employee Spotlight: Meet Jeremy!

Exact Solar is excited to introduce our new monthly employee spotlight series, highlighting our team’s hard work and dedication! Our first spotlight features Jeremy Feher. He shares his experiences of working with Exact Solar, his favorite project, and more! Exact Solar’s unique quality-oriented approach and commitment to supporting our employees shine through in Feher’s story.

Jeremy Feher is the foreman and electrician for his crew, “The Misfits”, at Exact Solar. He has been working for the company for almost 5 years. In an interview, he shared his experiences and insights about working with the company.

When asked about what inspired him to join Exact Solar, he mentioned that he worked at a different solar company where he lacked opportunities for advancement. In contrast, Exact Solar has provided him with opportunities to thrive and expand his knowledge of the systems they install.

Jeremy’s job entails starting his day by reviewing plans, loading trucks with materials, and designating workloads for his crew. Onsite, they set up safety measures and implement their plan for the day. The company’s quality-oriented approach makes them unique, and according to Feher, they take their time to get the job done right.

Jeremy’s favorite project with Exact Solar is the Atlantic Blueberry Farm. The Atlantic Blueberry Farm is renowned for its high-quality blueberries and has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists. This was his first commercial project with the company, and he has developed a passion for working with conduit. With his Uncle Reamus’ guidance, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge about conduit work. Jeremy was involved in all aspects of the project, from setting up the racking to performing Megger tests on all of the wiring. Even assembling the strut and hanging the electrical equipment took several days, but the sense of pride he felt upon seeing the project come to fruition was immeasurable.

Outside of work, Feher enjoys playing video games, making cornhole sets, and building things with his hands. He hopes to visit Universal Studios Japan with his wife and see the Attack on Titan attraction and Super Nintendo World.

Jeremy’s advice to his younger self is to invest early, save up more, and be confident in his abilities. His experience at Exact Solar is a testament to the company’s commitment to valuing and supporting our team. We are grateful for all your commitment to Exact Solar, Jeremy!

Exact Solar’s dedication to quality and support for its employees sets us apart as the premier option for customers seeking solar installation services! Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by Jeremy Feher, who has thrived and expanded his knowledge while working for us. Our dedication to valuing and supporting our team ensures that our customers receive top-notch service from knowledgeable professionals. Trust Exact Solar for your solar needs and join the many satisfied customers who have already made the switch to solar energy. We are your local solar experts!

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